Business Voice Services

Our Approach To Business Voice Services

AVANT Network Solutions provides modern Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions for businesses.

We’ve partnered with 8×8, RingCentral, and Microsoft to provide all-in-one voice, video and messaging solutions that are highly scalable and offer flexible, simple pricing.

Support is provided from start to finish and includes keeping your existing phone numbers.

Benefits Of Our Business Voice Services

There are a number of benefits of to choosing VoIP over traditional digital PBX or POTS (Analog):


PBX systems come with a service provider charge that can fluctuate depending on how many phone calls are made. In addition, long distance and international calls can increase this charge.

VoIP systems use the company’s Internet connection to place phone calls, meaning most calls are free no matter where in the world they’re made. While there are service charges involved, they’re a flat rate per-user – not variable based on call type or duration.


With PBX systems getting up there in age, failures are bound to happen and parts are not readily available.

Analog PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) has the same problem – aging infrastructure and lack of support. Outages from the service provider are frequent.


VoIP systems can be accessed from outside the four walls of the organization and used on a multitude of end devices:

  • Mobile App: All of our partners offer a mobile application that can be used as a fully functional work line.
  • Softphone: This is an application installed on a computer that can function as a desk phone without the added cost of hardware.
  • VoIP Phone: This is a physical desk phone that can be used anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Our partners’ VoIP systems are cloud-based, so they can be accessed anywhere in the United States.

Added Features

While PBX and Analog systems only offer voice, a VoIP system can provide messaging and video services to create a holistic communications platform. In addition, VoIP systems offer built-in advanced features such as custom greetings, menus, queues, hunt groups and caller ID.

Frequently Asked Voice Service Questions

Does Faxing Work Over VoIP?

Traditional fax machines may be unable to transmit faxes over VoIP lines, so you’ll want to use an online faxing solution, which we provide as a separate service.

What's Voicemail-to-Email?

Whenever you get a voicemail recording, this will be converted digitally into a .wav file and sent to your email address automatically. This way, messages can be saved electronically for future reference.

How's The Call Quality Of A VoIP Phone?

The call quality of cloud communications systems depends on the speed and reliability of your Internet.

You’ll hear a vast improvement in call quality compared to traditional landlines. Landlines don’t have as much audio bandwidth, which can result in muffled or fuzzy calls. VoIP calls achieve this through the use of HD Voice Technology.

Do I Need To Worry About Minutes Or Long Distance Charges With VoIP?

No. All voice services we provide offer unlimited local and long distance calling.

What’s The Difference Between SIP And VoIP?

In short, VoIP is a subset of SIP technology. SIP is used for more than just phone systems, and relates to all digital media. It’s able to handle messaging, video, and other multimedia content.

What's A Softphone?

A softphone refers to software that can make calls through your VoIP service. It’s a phone app that can place and accept phone calls over the Internet.

By contrast, a desk phone refers to the physical phone that sits at your desk.

Either method can be used to make calls through your cloud-based system.

Learn More About Our Business Voice Services

Communication is everything. Take advantage of our 15-plus years of experience with business voice services to ensure your organization has the tools it needs to succeed in an evolving in-office and remote work landscape. Contact us today to begin modernizing your voice systems.

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